Qurbani Indonesia 2010 (1431 H)

"Lo! We have given thee Abundance;
So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice.
Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity."

The Prophet Muhammad SAW was asked: "What is qurbani?".
He answered, "It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim.
For every hair of the qurbani, you received a reward from Allah"
(HR Tirmidhi)

Over the last decade, many disasters struck Indonesia. Fatal earthquakes in Sumatra. Flash flood in Sinjai and Papua, Yogyakarta quake and Merapi volcano, tsunamis, hot mud flood in Sidoarjo. Adding to that, the rise of food price and economic crisis have lessen the capability of many of our brothers and sisters in sustaining their lives. They need our hands. Qurbani Indonesia 2010 from PortalInfaq UK is one of our effort in giving our hands to those who need the most.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should offer your qurbani now through PortalInfaq UK:

  • We will offer the qurbani in the name you specify, which will be mentioned at the time of slaughter
  • We will carry out the qurbani in the areas of your choice (or where most needed if you choose)
  • We will send you a full report with photos upon completion of qurbani
  • Animals are selected and slaughtered in accordance with the shariah
  • You can choose to pay by cheque, bank transfer, credit or debit cards, and also direct from your PayPal account

We prioritise the designated site of qurbani to the poverty and disaster stricken areas, although we also cater for qurbani to other sites all over Indonesia as well.

  • West Sumatera - Padang Pariaman, where an earthquake measuring 7,6 Richter Scale demolished houses on Nagari Ulakan Village
  • Bekasi - Bantargebang, this is a scavengers shanty town on the skirt of landfill of Jakarta.
  • Jakarta Utara - Cilincing, this is another scavengers shanty town.
  • Yogyakarta - Sewon Bantul, which was hit by the last big earthquake, where a PortalInfaq-affiliated orphanage and many are still in need of help.
  • South Sulawesi, targeting Soppeng (Jennae village), Bone (Cendrana village) dan Jeneponto (Panrang, Empoang, and Batang villages) which are all of villages of poor fishermen and peasants. Also we are targeting Makasar (Mariso and Karuwisi district) where incidents of famine are frequently found.
  • Surabaya - Sidoarjo, targeting the refugees of the hot mud flood stricken areas.
  • Pandeglang - Panimbang, which is a poor fishermen shanty town.
  • Bogor - Cikawarang, which is a poor peasants village.
  • Garut - Cikondang, which is a poor peasants village.
  • Other areas in Indonesia: Riau, Jambi, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung, Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

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More than 300 Died in Java Tsunami


At least 327 people were killed, officials said, with another 160 or more missing as quakes and tsunami hit the southern coast of Java island. Most of the casualties are from seven villages of five district in Ciamis, West Java, where the Pangandaran resort, is one of a tourist destination in West Java. These villages include: Desa Karapyak, Pantai Barat, Pantai Timur, Pamugaran, Karang Tirta Batukarang, Belukbendo, and Desa Legog. Most of the casualties were found stranded in trees near the beach, or buried under the debris of flattened homes.

Most of the injured people were treated in the Community Health Center Pangandaran, and some of them were moved to the Banjar Town Hospital. Many of the displaced people still stay at the Great Mosque Pangandaran, which is located a little bit on a high ground, where some others have gone home. Other refugee camps include Purbaluyu Community Hall which caters for 800 people, 2000 people in the Sukahurip secondary school, 2500 people in Desa Cinta Ratu, and 100 people in Desa Sukajadi in the Sido Mulih district. Some uncounted refugees still stay in mosques, particulary children and seniors. The Pangandaran resort is practically shut down, as the stores are still closed, schools are shut, and people still prefered to stay together in groups in coming to terms to what happened. Many of the dead bodies are still laid in the Community Health Center Pangandaran for administration and identification purposes.

Other than West Java south coast, the tsunami also hit the Central Java south west coast. In Pantai Suwur, in Ayah district, Kebumen county, one fisherman is found dead, and ten other are reported missing. As many as 500 fishermen boats are ruined. People still take refuge in higher grounds away from the beach. In Pantai Puring, tens of buildings and fishermen boats are ruined.  In Cilacap county, the dead toll reaches 37 people. Most of the quake and tsunami victims are children and seniors. These victims include 13 people who came from Desa Welahan, in Binangun district. The dead tolls is still rising, as there are many hotels in tourism areas are flattened and many people are still missing. 

On Monday (17/07/06), the quakes can be felt shattering Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia which is about 400 km away from the epicentrum, and in other cities in West Java, including Bandung which is the West Java capital city. According to the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency, the epicentrum is located in the Indian Ocean about
620 km to the south of Bandung and 33 km below the sea level. The quake and its aftershocks were between 5.5 to 6.8 on the Richter scale. The first quake was on 6.8 Richter scale happened at 15.19 western Indonesia time. It lasted around 30 seconds and can be felt in high tower offices in Jakarta that sparks panics in cities in west Java, like Bandung, Sukabumi and Ciamis. The second quakes hit minutes after the first one on 5.5 Richter scale. The second aftershock on 6.1 Richter scale hit again at 16.13. Soon after that the tsunami hit, which is reported in Pangandaran to have been up to 3 metres high and went in the shore up to 1 km beyond the normal coast line.

Since Tuesday morning (18/07/06), PortalInfaq volunteers that form a Rapid Reaction Team have been on the location in Pangandaran to collect data about the victims, refugees, and the necessities there. 
PortalInfaq appeals for your zakah, infaq, or shadaqah to help our brothers and sisters in need through our account below:

or send it directly to our bank account:

Sort Code: 40-41-07
Acc. No: 21883372

Flash Flood Struck Sinjai and Bataeng in Indonesia, 280 dead and rising


We have not even started to recover the devastation caused by the earthquake in Yogyakarta, on 21 June 2006, a flash flood struck the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. This has washed away hundreds of houses and thousands of people are displaced. Until the afternoon, the death toll is up to 280 and rising because tens of people are still missing.

Heavy rains during the last 2 days causes a flash flood that struck houses. The victims were either swept away or buried under the debris of stricken buildings. The county of Sinjai is completely shut down, with a meter deep water in some places. People have gone to high places, but they are lack of clean water, food and shelters. Transportation links within the town and to and from other areas are also cut off. This is caused by either falling bridge or drown in a meter high water.

In Bataeng county, it has counted 4 bridges have fallen. About 618 acres (250 hectare) of newly planted rice fields are ruined. Schools are still shut down, just as shops and markets.

Other counties that are reported stricken by the flood are Gowa, Sidrap, and Selayar.

PortalInfaq representatives in Makassar, South Sulawesi has sent an emergency relief team to 2 counties: Sinjai and Bataeng, and will directly go to the refugee camps to send aids. In Makassar, PortalInfaq is also raising money to help the victims. PortalInfaq appeals for your zakah, infaq, or shadaqah to help our brothers and sisters in need through our bank account below:

Sort Code: 40-41-07
Acc. No: 21883372

or send it directly to our Paypal account:


PortalInfaq UK apologises that we had problems with our websites in the past several weeks. Now that it has been addressed, we would like to cordially invite our previous users to re-register with us. PortalInfaq UK wishes that insya Allah our collaboration will continue to last. Jazakillah khayran katsira.

Aid Appeal for the Indonesian Quake


The 6.5 richter eartquake on the early hour that hit south Yogyakarta in the island of Java, has left more than 5,800 dead, thousands injured and as many as 200,000 people are displaced. Although relief operations have been coming, many of the remote villages are still untouched. These people, not only are without home, but also are left without food and in some cases without clean water.
Portal Infaq Indonesia, our partner in Indonesia, have engaged relief operations, targeted at these remote villages, like Tulasan-Bambang Lipuro, in Bantul district and Sangeang-Srimulyo, in Piyungan district. Currently, the operations in this emergency phase are focused on providing temporary shelters, medical aids and basic food. If you would like to know the progress of the Yogya Quake programmes, you could check out the news in PortalInfaq Indonesia, which are in Bahasa Indonesia.
It is clear that we need to reach out to many more such villages. We certainly need even more resources to help these people in building up their lives again in the months to come. Your donations, would certainly be welcome and much appreciated.

Sumatra Earthquake Appeal


Indonesia is an archipelago lies on the Ring of Fire. It is somewhat expected that earthquakes happen, and yet it still hurts and is devastating when that happens. A month has just passed since the earthquake shook West Java in Indonesia and up till now the recovery is still underway. Now, Indonesia is shaken again by another massive earthquake that blows the city of Padang and Pariaman in West Sumatra. On 30 September 2009 at 17.16 western Indonesia time, an 7.6 Richter scale earthquake crumple Padang and Pariaman. The epicentrum is at 71 km deep, at 0.84 Lat, -99.65 Lon, 57 km to the southwest of Pariaman.

Hundreds of houses are collapsed and brought to the ground, thousands of people died instantly or buried alive, and thousands others are injured, homeless and misplaced. According to BBC on the 3 October 2009, there are at least 1100 people died. Immediately after the quake, fires are spread, further destroying many houses. People in the remote villages around the two big cities have yet to receive any aid. The limited transport links, that are broken by the quake leave them days without supplies and proper place to live.

As part of the 3R programme (Rescue, Relief & Recovery) PortalInfaq went and will stay there for humanity relief action for at least 2 weeks (8 – 21 October 2009). The programme will continue on by establishing an orphanage there and helping people to get back on their feet. PortalInfaq would welcome any donation to be allocated in the area. Please donate as much as you can as your Zakah, Infaq/Shadaqah lillah, or for any other reasons, and Insya Allah, Allah will reward you.

Yogya Today


It's been more than a month since Saturday 27 May 2006, when quakes shattered Yogyakarta and parts of Central Java. However, the jobs that need to be done are still there despite the time. There's still many homeworks to do to help others. Many are irreplaceable. From only material losses, such as houses, schools, government and private offices, to lives. They are still fresh in the memory of people from Yogyakarta and vicinity. Allah almighty, blessed are people who can pick up hikmah from all of this, as hikmah is a muslim's treasure. This might be a micro picture of the promised day, when the apocalypse will happen, when a mother forgets her sons, when the left calf linked to the right one. Alhamdulillah, You still allow us to get closer to You, ya Rabb.

Muds and Chasms Faced The Aid Teams


PortalInfaq South Sulawesi: Today (04/07/06) the Rapid Reaction Team from PortalInfaq, in cooperation with the Makassar Branch of the Red Crescent Indonesia, went to a landslide disaster location in Gantarang village. It comprises three hamlets, Bontolesa, Barue, and Mattirowalie. There are 1702 people of 322 families living in the Gantarang village. Because of the landslide disaster, there were 7 people dead, and 11  injured. The accounted material loss so far includes 19 houses ruined, 16 houses badly damaged, and 15 houses lightly damaged. There are 72 children under-5s that are in the risk of catching respiratory diseases and need medical aid.

Accompanied by drizzle, the team departed from the main base in Persatuan Raya road with 10 personels. It took 1-hour traveling on a fleet of ambulances to the mid base, and they have to continue traveling by foot  for another 2.5 km to get to the landslide location. It was a difficult terrain. The muds and the chasm across the road compelled the team to walk with extra care. The team also had to pass by landslide points to get to the location. Several times, the team had to go through up to 5 metre high mudslides with chasms on the other sides that slowed the team down..

34 Days Since the First Quake and the Actions are Still on...


It's been more than a month that the PortalInfaq Humanity Team works in the quake location in Yogyakarta and Central Java, and the team is determined to continue the recovery effort.

Based on the information given by Pak (Mr.) Marlam, one of the villager of Dukuh Pelemsewu), on Friday 30 June 2006, the PortalInfaq team, in cooperation with Majlis Ta’lim Al-Khawarizmi Universitas Bina Nusantara ( Binus ), Komunitas ba-Depok, dan Manajemen Qolbu Club (MQCC) perform a humanity action by distributing foods, including rice, bottled water, milk for children and instant noodle. Also distributed in that action is a supply of women sanitary towel.

They Still Need Us..


"...And those who keep their treaty when they make one, and the patientin tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are sincere. Such are the Allah-fearing. ". (Al-Baqarah:177)
Disaster after disaster struck Indonesia lately. Whatever and whenever disaster comes, it has to be dealt with with patience and wisdom. It is all that we can do, really. But when the facts in the field show us that there is so much devastation to bear, one cannot help but grieve. The PortalInfaq humanity and voluntary teams reported that there are still many untouched areas, which desparately need help. The lack of help has taken its toll. Two days ago, there was casualties just because of hunger, because they are locked in isolated area and has yet to be reached by search-and-rescue teams.

The situation in Sinjai, South Sulawesi, is vastly different from those of Yogyakarta, where recently struck by quakes. There is no more report in the media, while the number of casualties are continuously increasing, because there is lack of food, they are starting to suffer from diarrhea and other diseases.