Procedure of Paying Zakah

The procedure of paying zakah are:

  • Purify your intention before paying zakah, infaq or shadaqah. Ensure that all our deed (amal) are for and only for Allah swt.
  • Aware of the recipients of zakah. Make sure that the zakah recipients are one of those who are rightful recipients.
  • Those who lives nearby have priority over others, particularly if you give zakah directly instead of through 'amil bodies. You must not however give zakah to spouses, children, or parents because these people have rights over one's earnings
  • Speak of nice and polite words to the recipients. Rudeness and impoliteness can nullify our deed.
  • Pay zakah when its due. Postponing zakah is improper. Besides, all Islamic teachings are supposed to improve our disciplines and to exercise punctuality

In principle, it is allowed by Islamic syariah for people to pay zakah directly to mustahiq, as long as they satisfy the mustahiq criteria as explained in surah At-Taubah:60. However based on the same surah and by example of prophet Muhammad saw, it is even better if zakah is organised through a zakah amil, which are amanah (trusted), responsible, and well-performed. This is to ensure that zakah are well-received and well-distributed, such that all mustahiq get what they deserve, regardless whether they openly ask for it or not.