34 Days Since the First Quake and the Actions are Still on...


It's been more than a month that the PortalInfaq Humanity Team works in the quake location in Yogyakarta and Central Java, and the team is determined to continue the recovery effort.

Based on the information given by Pak (Mr.) Marlam, one of the villager of Dukuh Pelemsewu), on Friday 30 June 2006, the PortalInfaq team, in cooperation with Majlis Ta’lim Al-Khawarizmi Universitas Bina Nusantara ( Binus ), Komunitas ba-Depok, dan Manajemen Qolbu Club (MQCC) perform a humanity action by distributing foods, including rice, bottled water, milk for children and instant noodle. Also distributed in that action is a supply of women sanitary towel.

Dukuh (village) Pelemsewu, in the district (kelurahan) Panggungharjo, is a small village to the east of Bantul town. There are 67 families in this small village, with 277 villagers. When the quake struck, 34 people of them suffered from bad and light injuries, and there was  1 person is dead. Of 60 constructions in the village, 50 of them are badly damaged and inhabitable.

After the quake struck, the villagers erected emergency shelters to take refuge and to prepare for any aftershock. There were 13 shelters altogether. A week from the first quake, the villagers started to erect  shelters on their own land, where they houses used to be. Since then, nothing much happened, and many of these villagers still
living in these shelters and some have sought refuge to their relatives
outside the village.

We know that what we have done is nothing compare to the devastation that these people have suffered. Therefore, we continue to appeal to everybody to support our Yogyakarta Recovery Program which will last at least for 6 months so that these people will be able to get up on their feet again. (Jogja, 30 Juni 2006, Tim PortalInfaq Jogjakarta)

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