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It's been more than a month since Saturday 27 May 2006, when quakes shattered Yogyakarta and parts of Central Java. However, the jobs that need to be done are still there despite the time. There's still many homeworks to do to help others. Many are irreplaceable. From only material losses, such as houses, schools, government and private offices, to lives. They are still fresh in the memory of people from Yogyakarta and vicinity. Allah almighty, blessed are people who can pick up hikmah from all of this, as hikmah is a muslim's treasure. This might be a micro picture of the promised day, when the apocalypse will happen, when a mother forgets her sons, when the left calf linked to the right one. Alhamdulillah, You still allow us to get closer to You, ya Rabb.

As of writing (07/07/06) many of our brothers and sisters still live in temporary shelters, which are hot in the day and cold in the night. There are 779,287 people that live life like that. In Bantul county, the death toll so far is 4,143. Children lost their mother or father, parents lost their children, children lost their friends. May Allah strenghten their hearts, their iman. Please, brothers and sisters do not indebt your aqidah.

According to the latest news, the wounded may add to the death toll, just because the lack of sanitary and hygiene that causes tetanus to break out. According to the Kedaulatan Rakyat newspaper, on 6 July 2006, a 70-years old patient died because of tetanus after having been treated for 2 days in Ludira Husada Tama hospital. It was reported that the wound from an operation was dirty, and filled with sands and stones.

According to many sources, such as the P2B team, the Media Center, and the Kedaulatan Rakyat newspaper, data about  the Bantul district has been completely collected, and it shows that there are 71,763 houses are ruined, 71,372 houses are badly/mildly damaged, 73,669 houses are lightly damaged. A complete data for the whole
Yogyakara area is given below. Ruined houses are those that are not usable anymore because the main structure is broken. Badly or mildly damaged houses are broken houses, many with broken walls, but the main structures still hold. Lightly damaged houses are those with the frames intact but with cracked walls.

The quakes also broke public facilities including 311 units of primary schools, 39 units of lower secondary schools, 7 units of higher secondary shools, 15 units of vocational schools. Public medical facilities are also damaged. There are 15 units Public Health Services and 34 extensions of Public Health Services are damaged by the quakes in the Bantul county. In the Piyungan, Pleret, and Pundong districts, the local Publich Health Services are also ruined.

A base of PortalInfaq Yogyakarta, which is located in Dongkelan, Bantul also received many reports from the people that appeal for logistical aid, medical aid, investments, and children supports. As of writing, there are 39 cases have been reported. Helps dan supports from you will be greatly of help in the next Recovery and Rehabilitation phase, which requires even more funds (Portalinfaq Yogya and Wahyu).

Please send your help through our bank account or paypal account.

Yogyakarta 6.095 units 8.408 units 15.364 units
Bantul 72.763 units 71.372 units 73.669 units
Kulonprogo 4.623 units 5.196 units 9.041 units
Gunungkidul 7.454 units 11.033 units 27.218 units
Sleman 19.113 units not available 76.752 units
Total 109.048 units 96.009 units 202.044 units