PortalInfaq Rapid Reaction Teams in Sinjai


The rapid reaction team of PortalInfaq South Sulawesi, cooperating with the Indonesian Red Crescent, is engaging another humanity action in two locations in East Sinjai district, which are Maccini village and Takkalala village. The landslide muds and fallen bridged has cut off the normal transportation links. It took almost 2 hours to get to these isolated areas through a circular and muddy route, before we got to a refugee camp in the Maccini village.

There are 300 families in this camp. As the village is situated in the river banks, up to 85% of the village has been destroyed. Houses were swept away; even coconut trees were fallen. We came across a family of six who survived but had to stay in a 1.5 x 1.5 m2 grain store, on a bed of hay, without front or back partitions.

Appeal For Flash Flood in Sinjai, South Sulawesi


Portalinfaq-South Sulawesi : On Wednesday 22-06-2006 a team from PortalInfaq South Sulawesi has started the humanity action for our brothers and sisters in Sinjai county, which is about 220 km or 4 hours travel from Makassar (the capitol city of the South Sulawesi province). PortalInfaq South Sulawesi has departed 6 volunteers and necessary aids for the victims of the flash flood. A day before, an assessment team has also departed to conduct a survey and to collect data about the victims.

A base for the Humanity Action for the Flash Flood Disaster has been established. The voluntary team of PortalInfaq will run several programs, including providing health services and distributing foods and aids for the victims. According the survey in the affected areas, the victims need ready-to-serve food, as they no longer have cooking appliances, and clean water for both drink and sanitary purposes. People start to suffer from respiratory and skin diseases and diarrhea. The health services are also needed by the wounded victims.

Programmes Ideas

We welcome any input about programmes that PortalInfaq UK should be involved in. Particularly, let us know if you know anybody who is qualified as mustahiq in the UK. Insya Allah, we could help. But more importantly, we wouldn't be able to do anything without your zakah, infaq, and shadaqah. Jazakillah.