Sumatra Earthquake Appeal


Indonesia is an archipelago lies on the Ring of Fire. It is somewhat expected that earthquakes happen, and yet it still hurts and is devastating when that happens. A month has just passed since the earthquake shook West Java in Indonesia and up till now the recovery is still underway. Now, Indonesia is shaken again by another massive earthquake that blows the city of Padang and Pariaman in West Sumatra. On 30 September 2009 at 17.16 western Indonesia time, an 7.6 Richter scale earthquake crumple Padang and Pariaman. The epicentrum is at 71 km deep, at 0.84 Lat, -99.65 Lon, 57 km to the southwest of Pariaman.

Hundreds of houses are collapsed and brought to the ground, thousands of people died instantly or buried alive, and thousands others are injured, homeless and misplaced. According to BBC on the 3 October 2009, there are at least 1100 people died. Immediately after the quake, fires are spread, further destroying many houses. People in the remote villages around the two big cities have yet to receive any aid. The limited transport links, that are broken by the quake leave them days without supplies and proper place to live.

As part of the 3R programme (Rescue, Relief & Recovery) PortalInfaq went and will stay there for humanity relief action for at least 2 weeks (8 – 21 October 2009). The programme will continue on by establishing an orphanage there and helping people to get back on their feet. PortalInfaq would welcome any donation to be allocated in the area. Please donate as much as you can as your Zakah, Infaq/Shadaqah lillah, or for any other reasons, and Insya Allah, Allah will reward you.